May 1989 Table of Contents

Features Rosenthal Library Combines Precast with Cast-in-Place Work

The Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library is considered the jewel of the Queens College campus in Flushing, New York. The architecturally exciting building, capable of housing up to 1.3 million volumes, features precast exposed aggregate panels, window walls, and dramatic skylights, providing a functional area for students and an aesthetically pleasing setting for the library's books, offices, and classrooms. Read more

Features Painting in and on Concrete

Concrete is important to Glenn Booth in several ways. The Detroit-born artist combined concrete with rubber, canvas, wood, and other materials to produce his early three-dimensional works of art. Read more

Features How to Manage Cash Efficiently

You don't always have to get a loan to get more cash. By monitoring your company's cash requirements you can see a pattern of cash overages and shortages for the coming months and plan accordingly. Every business has a cash flow cycle: cash flows out to pay for production expenses and accounts payable and cash flows in from receivables. Read more

Features Torridge Bridge Combines Aesthetic Excellence with Construction Economy

The Torridge Bridge near Bideford in North Devon, England, was overall winner in The Concrete Society's 1988 awards competition. The 2,132-foot bridge carries road traffic over the River Torridge and its flood plain, while maintaining a navigation channel in the river for commercial shipping. Read more

Features Overhead and Underfoot: Concrete Is Beautiful

Sparkling black concrete welcomes the footsteps of thousands at the entrance plaza of the Hayden Planetarium in New York City. In Houston, graceful white ferrocement "leaves" filter the harsh Texas sunlight to permit comfortable daylight viewing of art objects in the Menil Collection. Read more

Features Who Says Concrete Is Beautiful?

A small announcement in the back pages of Concrete Construction invited readers to send in examples of beautiful concrete. We were pleasantly surprised by the variety of the submissions. Although we can't include all of them, we do want to share some of the fine examples. Read more

Problem Clinic Joint Filler Problems in an Industrial Floor

We placed a concrete floor in an unheated 300,000-square-foot warehouse. Control joints were sawed on 20-foot centers each way. We filled the joints with epoxy but there has been quite a bit of joint movement and now the joint filler is pulling away from Read more

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