April 1990 Table of Contents

Features How to Cure a Concrete Floor Before Coating It

Curing helps produce high-quality concrete floors. If a floor is to receive a coating before it is put into service, however, the choice of curing method affects preparation costs. Choosing the right curing method will keep the preparation costs as low as possible. Five frequently used methods for keeping concrete moist and the floor preparation methods to be used with them are as follows: Read more

Features Modified Loader Places 7-Ton Precast Panels with Only 3 Inches of Headroom

To complete an underground section of roadway, an Arizona contractor had to develop equipment for placing 7-ton precast concrete panels in tight quarters. The contractor, M. M. Sundt Construction Co., was to provide the lighting, signing, pavement markings, and electrical and mechanical systems. The only unusual part of the job was that the mechanical systems involved ventilation because the road is underground. Read more

Features Specifying and Applying Coatings for Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities

In treatment facilities processing large quantities of water and wastewater, concrete is exposed to a harsh environment. Coatings help protect the concrete and prolong the life of the facility. They must be able to protect the concrete from attack by chemicals such as acids, sulfates, sugars, and fermenting liquids. Coatings that have proven particularly successful after sustained use in the field include epoxies, coal tar epoxies, and vinyls. Epoxies provide an extremely hard, durable finish for concrete. Coal tar epoxies are economical and develop good adhesion to concrete. Vinyl coatings dry fast and aren't temperature dependent for curing. Read more

Features How a Lender Evaluates You

To get a loan to buy equipment for your construction business, you must prove to the lender that you are a good risk. To do that, you should have good documentation, prepared and audited by a certified public accountant, ready to show to the lender. Most lending institutions require year-end financial statements and interim reports for the last 3 years. These documents include the balance sheet, income statements, the statement of changes in financial condition, and footnotes to the financial statements. Read more

Features Award-Winning Plaza and Walkways Combine Intricate Jointing with Multiple Colors and Textures

An arcade lake plaza and adjoining walkways at City Place I, and office building in Creve Coeur, Missouri, was transformed from plain concrete into decorative paving by precise execution of architect Robert L. Boland's concepts. The outdoor patio features banded areas integrated with diagonally scored square fields. The fields were colored with a dark gray dry shake and given a light broomed finish. Read more

Features Rent-a-Judge

Using the rent-a judge method is one way of securing a qualified dispute arbitrator who is acceptable to all parties. Disputing parties who cannot come to an agreement privately agree to hire a former judge to hear their case to conclusion. This method answers critic's main objection to binding arbitration - that under National Construction Industry Arbitration Committee rules, if the parties cannot agree on an arbitrator, the American Arbitration Association can appoint a person of unknown qualities. After choosing a judge, the parties agree on whether or not the judge's decision will be binding. Read more

Features Protective and Decorative Coatings: an Updated Catalog

Changes in decorative barrier coating technology have largely affected how they're applied and what they're composed of. Competition has driven suppliers to develop new coatings or improve on existing systems. Awareness of and respect for the environment is also an incentive for change. The industry is trying to reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released into the air and the toxicity of some coatings. Read more

Features Welded Wire Sandwich Panels: an Alternative to Wood-Frame Construction

When Hurricane Hugo passed through Puerto Rico last September, the 200 houses built there with welded wire sandwich panels reported no structural damage. Buildings using these panels have also held up through typhoons in the Far East and earthquakes in the Middle East. The panels meet seismic Zone 4 requirements and have fire ratings of 2 to 4 hours. The system is also termite and dry rot proof, has good acoustical properties with sound ratings to STC-52, and has insulation values to R 33. Read more

Problem Clinic Chain Drag Delamination Surveys

In the article "Shear Collars Save a Parking Garage" (Concrete Construction, October 1988), the authors refer to a chain drag delamination survey. This method seems to be much faster than the traditional method of tapping with a hammer to detect delaminat Read more

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