August 1990 Table of Contents

Features Whitetopping a Residential Driveway

The author decided it was time their home got a facelift. The technique of choice was whitetopping, so they called Dan Mullendore, a local contractor with a track record for high-quality flatwork. Read more

Features Tips on Producing Exposed Aggregate Flatwork Finishes

Exposed aggregate is one of the most versatile decorative finishes for concrete flatwork. Read more

Features Flatter Slabs at Lower Cost

Vibratory screeds eliminate the hard work usually involved with striking off concrete with a conventional straightedge. Read more

Features Riding Trowels

One way contractors can increase production is by using ride-on power trowels. Read more

Features Aluminum Forms for Affordable Housing

Affordable housing might become a reality with the use of site-cast ready mixed concrete as the primary building material. Read more

Features A Concrete Sidewalk Primer

Most sidewalk failures are caused by inadequate thickness, soil settlement, poor-quality concrete, or improper construction methods. Read more

Features Whitetopping Renovates Los Angeles Fair Complex in 40 Days

A 1.8-million-dollar paving contract for the renovation of Fairplex, the Los Angeles County Fair and Exposition Complex in Ponoma, California, involved the first use of whitetopping in Southern California. Read more

Features Saving Lives with Lockout/Tagout

Lockout/tagout is an important safety procedure to prevent accidental movement or operation of machinery and electrical equipment when it might endanger workers. Read more

Problem Clinic Remove Curing Compound Before Placing an Overlay

We need to place an overlay on existing concrete to correct a grade problem. The existing concrete was placed last week and still has a pigmented curing compound on the surface. An acid etch didn't remove it. Does it have to come off before we place an ep Read more

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