December 1990 Table of Contents

Features Fast-Track Bonded Overlays

A thin, bonded concrete overlay can improve the load-carrying capacity and rideability of an existing concrete pavement without incurring high replacement costs and causing months of traffic interruption. Read more

Features Reading Structural Concrete Cracks

Concrete cracks when the tensile stress exceeds the tensile strength of the concrete. Read more

Features How to Survive a Deposition

Being scheduled or subpoenaed to give a deposition in a construction dispute or lawsuit is a serious legal matter. Read more

Features Strategic Planning for Contractors

Running your company without a business plan is like taking a car trip without a road map. For those contractors who say they have been successful for years without a business plan, the fact is that times are changing and the 90s won't be so kind. Read more

Problem Clinic Finish Required for Floor to Receive a Polyurethane Coating

We're placing a concrete floor that will later receive a light-reflective polyurethane coating. Specs require a 1- or 2-mil rough finish. What does that mean? Do we just magnesium float it, give it a sweat trowel finish, or what? Read more

Problem Clinic Can 4x8-Inch Cylinders Be Used for Producer's Standard Deviation Determination?

We produce ready mixed concrete for many jobs requiring documentation that the proposed concrete proportions will produce average strengths specified for the job. The documentation includes determination of a standard deviation based on at least 30 consec Read more

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