July 1990 Table of Contents

Features Rolling Box Culvert Forms Provide 1-Day Cycle Time

Hand forming more than 200 feet of culvert will probably lose a contractor money. For long- or multiple-barrel culverts, leasing form frame travelers and accessories is a more profitable choice. Read more

Features Prestressed Concrete for Short-Span Bridges

Short-span bridges overwhelmingly outnumber major bridge structures in the United States, yet they have received substantially less media attention. Read more

Features Short-Span Arch Bridges

The cost and complexity of forming reinforced concrete arches often discourages their use in short-span bridges. Read more

Features Avoiding Common Outdoor Flatwork Problems

When it comes to outdoor flatwork problems, prevention is better than trying to correct the problem later. Several common problems and some guidelines are as follows: Read more

Features Contractors Liable for Employee Acts

Employer's have always been responsible for an employee's carelessness and mistakes that affect the business; now employers may be liable if they negligently hire an employee and that employee, while on the job, intentionally harms others in even non-job related acts. Read more

Features Transverse Joint Drain Helps Prevent Slab Pumping Damage

Slab pumping is one of the major causes of failure in concrete pavements. Read more

Features Choosing the Right Equipment Rental Vendor

To rent construction equipment economically, it's important to find a good vendor. A good vendor will disclose all rental charge information before you rent, has reliable equipment to meet your job needs, and provides prompt maintenance in case of equipment breakdown. Read more

Features Can Your Company Live Without You -- and Should It?

When asked whether or not someone in their employ could run their business, 79 percent of owners of private construction firms said no one could. Read more

Problem Clinic What's This New ACI Building Code?

We read recently that there's a new Building Code for concrete. Is this something builders and contractors have to be concerned about? Read more

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