June 1990 Table of Contents

Features Huge, Asymmetrical Tilt-Up Panels Challenge Contractor Ingenuity

Large panels, numerous window openings, and a small building footprint were some of the problems faced by Lusk Construction Company when they built the 25 million dollar Barranca Court Office Buildings in Irvine, California. Read more

Features Durability Systems for Post-Tensioned Concrete Parking Structures

Post-tensioned parking structures can last 60 years or more when designed for durability. Durability design systems control entry of deicing salts and protect reinforcing steel even when chloride ions penetrate the concrete. To achieve these goals, redundant durability systems are needed, that is, if one system fails, a backup system must come into play. Read more

Features Hot Weather Concreting Tips

Placing, finishing, and curing concrete require extra care in hot weather. When temperatures rise above 80 degrees, fast setting, lower strengths, and cracking are all more likely. Read more

Features Selecting and Applying Traffic-Bearing Membranes for Parking Garages

Parking garages are constantly exposed to harsh weather. As a result, specialty membrane systems have been developed to protect exposed concrete surfaces. Read more

Features Evaluating Concrete Cracking by Measuring Crack Width

Evaluating crack width measurements can help contractors address owners' concerns about the appearance, long-term durability, and structural integrity of reinforced concrete. Read more

Features Hollow Polystyrene Blocks Form Concrete Walls

Interlocking blocks of expanded polystyrene (EPS) have been used as permanent forms for a variety of wall installations, with concrete being placed in the voids in the patented EPS blocks. Read more

Features How to Choose a Lawyer

The first step in finding a lawyer is determining what your needs are. Read more

Features Concrete Stairway Makes Grand Entryway to Beach

What once used to be a difficult walk down a steep, graffiti-marked pathway is now a leisurely descent down a 100-foot-long concrete stairway. The set of steps leading down to Eucalyptus Lane Beach in Montecito, California is not only functional, hiding a sewage pumping station and other unsightly utilities, but it blends with the environment by incorporating sandstone boulders and stones. Read more

Features Is Your Working Capital Turnover OK?

Working capital turnover, the ratio of net revenues to working capital, indicates how efficiently a company is using working capital. Read more

Problem Clinic Curing Cylinders by Immersion in Water

Is it permissible to put concrete test cylinders in a tub of water to cure them? Read more

Problem Clinic Onsite Mixers and False Setting

We've noticed that concrete from onsite mixers often stiffens within minutes of pouring, then loosens up later. What causes this? Read more

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