November 1990 Table of Contents

Features Construction of Elevated Concrete Slabs

To avoid getting burned in a dispute over slab tolerances, engineers and contractors need to know how design and construction decisions affect variations in slab dimensions and locations. Read more

Features Adjustable Shoring Systems

Adequate shoring is critical to the safety of a construction project. Therefore, a primary consideration in choosing a system is its load capacity - shoring must be able to support concrete and formwork loads until the concrete becomes structurally self-sufficient. Read more

Features Pictures Provide Powerful Publicity

A picture is worth a lot if you're lucky enough to have one selected for the cover of a magazine. Pre-planning a picture can help ensure a first-rate photograph that editors will want to use. Read more

Features Concrete Bonding Process Saves Badly Cracked Dome Roof

When a flow control and pressure release valve in an anaerobic filter failed in January 1989 at the Highland Creek Treatment Plant in East Toronto, Canada, the resulting buildup of fluid and methane gas pressure caused extensive cracking in the plant's domed concrete roof. Read more

Features Bridges and Our Environment

Bridges are important because of the practical, useful function they serve. Because a bridge is a major public works investment, planning it requires utmost attention. Read more

Features Whitetopping -- the Right Choice

In 1977, Washington County, Iowa, had to repair a 9-mile section of an old asphalt pavement. After studying all the options, it was decided to resurface the road with portland cement concrete. Read more

Problem Clinic Bond Breaker Forgotten on Tilt-Up Job?

We have a number of tilt-up panels, 8 inches thick, lying in place on a 6-inch floor slab. We can't get them free of the base slab so that we can start tilting. It seems that someone forgot to put bond breaker on the foundation slab. We were unsuccessful Read more

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