October 1990 Table of Contents

Features No-Downtime Seismic Retrofit

Rockwell International's decision to seismically retrofit its eight-story Seal Beach, California, information systems center was a contractor's nightmare. The job was loaded with unusual specifications and performance requirements, as well as the mandate that only six 24-hour holidays could halt Rockwell's operations in the building. Read more

Features In-Slab Hydronic Heating Systems Warm Rooms Indoors, Melt Snow and Ice Outdoors

In-slab hydronic heating systems can eliminate several of the unpleasant aspects of winter. Read more

Features Enclosures Keep Workers Warm and More Productive in Cold Weather

Working outside in cold weather can not only cause health hazards, it can also slow productivity. Read more

Features Rigging for Tilt-Up

Proper planning for rigging is the key to a successful tilt-up project. Read more

Features Using Heaters Safely During Cold Weather Concreting

While heated enclosures are probably the most effective means of protecting concrete during cold weather placing, there are some risks. Read more

Features Designing Cold Weather Concrete Mixes

Cold weather protection prevents early freezing of the concrete and ensures the concrete strength necessary to continue construction practices. Read more

Features Controlling Calcium Chloride Dosage at Concrete Batch Plants

Calcium chloride is commonly used during cold weather to accelerate setting and early strength gain - but not without potentially harmful side effects. Read more

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