December 1992 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Granular Bases Under Slabs on Grade

What purpose is served by placing a granular base under an interior concrete slab? Why not just place concrete directly on the compacted subgrade? Read more

Problem Clinic Form Design for Relatively Low-Strength Concrete Placed in Cold Weather

We're going to be placing two 60-foot-high concrete structures with a footprint that's 17x24 feet. They're to be placed in dewatered navigation locks and we have only 10 days to form and pour the concrete. The mix is very lean because engineers are concer Read more

Problem Clinic Alternatives for Superplasticizers

I'm a poured wall concrete contractor and I use flowable concrete made with superplasticizers for many jobs. Sometimes there's a strong smell from the concrete. Also, I'm extremely allergic to formaldehyde and my skin breaks out when I work with flowable Read more

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