January 1993 Table of Contents

Features America's Tallest Concrete Tower Rises Above Vegas Desert

The Vegas World Stratosphere Tower, a reinforced concrete observation tower soaring 1,102 feet over Las Vegas is the tallest structure of its kind in the US. Read more

Features Evaluating Cracks in Concrete Walls

For every crack, a trained investigator should record, with photographs and sketches, the following information: Read more

Features Two New Las Vegas Hotels Use 300,000 Cubic Yards of Concrete

Las Vegas hotel construction is booming - good news for area concrete contractors and producers. Two of those hotels make extensive use of precast and cast-in-place construction. Read more

Features Warehouse Floor Project Challenges Contractor

Building a 243,000-square-foot reinforced concrete warehouse floor to meet specified pour widths of 56 feet and floor flatness and levelness requirements of FF35 and FL25 is a challenge for any concrete contractor. Meidling Concrete Inc. had to build such a floor for a Shopko Stores Inc. distribution center in Boise, Idaho. But complicating the job were cold temperatures, a completion deadline of 1 month, and specifications for shrinkage-compensating concrete and surface-applied traprock. Read more

Features Creating Custom Designed Concrete Flatwork

For the past 23 years, Frank Rusk of Rusk Concrete Textures, Las Vegas, has been transforming conventional concrete flatwork into works of art. Using coloring agents and texture-stamping tools, he creates tile, slate, stone, and other custom-designed patterns in concrete. Applications range from residential patios, pool decks, walkways, and drives to high-traffic commercial areas. Customers are attracted to Rusk's flatwork for more than its beauty. They also find it easier to maintain and less expensive to install than most of the materials it imitates. Read more

Features To Grow or Not to Grow

Growth is not best for every company, and even companies that should grow need to be aware of the costs and risks of growth. Read more

Features Rebar Inspection

Contractors should understand the process of rebar inspection whether the inspection is done by their own forces or by an inspector representing the owner or building official. Read more

Features Why Is There Air in Concrete?

Air is always present in concrete mixes. It is intentionally or unintentionally trapped in fresh concrete as a result of mixing and placing. About the only way to avoid trapping some air would be to mix, transport, and place concrete in a vacuum. Read more

Problem Clinic Causes for Air Content Fluctuations

A ready mix truck arrives at the jobsite with 8 cubic yards of concrete. Travel time was 10 minutes. We discharge a yard, then take a slump and air test. The air content is 6% and slump is 2 1/2 inches. We add 10 gallons of water to increase the slump, th Read more

Problem Clinic Streaks in Walls Caused by New Aluminum Forms

A subcontractor built 350 lineal feet of 10-inch-thick foundation wall that's 8 feet high. When the forms were stripped, there were streaks that looked like veins on the surface. The subcontractor says they were caused by his using new aluminum forms. The Read more

Problem Clinic Information on Constructing Post-Tensioned Slabs on Grade

We're going to be placing and finishing the concrete for a post-tensioned concrete slab on grade in a warehouse. It's the first time we've done a post-tensioned floor. How does a post-tensioned floor differ from a conventional floor, and where can I get i Read more

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