December 1994 Table of Contents

Features Tilt-Up Opportunities in New Markets

Tilt-up walls are cast at the job-site using locally produced ready mixed concrete; the building slab on grade typically serves as the wall panel's primary form surface. Read more

Features Converting to Metric Reinforcing Bars

ASTM metric standards for billet-steel bars first appeared in ASTM A 615 in 1979. Read more

Features 1994 Pavement Award Winners Illustrate Pride and Innovation

Pride in workmanship from dedicated, knowledgeable people are the keys to achieving outstanding results in concrete paving, according to this year's winners and runners-up in the fifth annual National Awards Program for Excellence in Concrete Pavement. Read more

Features The Panama Canal: Eightieth Anniversary

The Isthmus of Panama became the principal transshipment point for Spanish treasure and supplies to and from Central and South America in colonial days. Read more

Problem Clinic Can Cement Balls Cause Cracks?

I arrived at the job near the end of the day's slab placement to find the finishers picking clumps of cement out of the mix during finishing. They continued finishing, and the floor is now in place. I was upset with the foreman on the job for not rejectin Read more

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