February 1994 Table of Contents

Features Concrete Construction in Russia

As an investigator and accident prevention specialist in the construction industry, an opportunity to tour Russia in March 1993 allowed me to examine that nation's construction methods and learn more about its culture. Read more

Features Two Layer European Pavement Tested in U.S.

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is the first agency in the U.S. to test European pavement technology on a major interstate highway. Read more

Features Concrete Seating Enhances Terraced Patio

A terraced dining patio adjoining the Kula Lodge on the Hawaiian island of Maui required special seating arrangements to take advantage of the spectacular view of both sides of the island. Read more

Features Massive Tunnel Under Runway Built to Support Jet Aircraft

Formwork is a major contributor to profitability - or the lack of it- on most concrete jobs. Read more

Features Using Worksheets to Select Water Repellents

Water repellents offer the advantage of preventing water from penetrating concrete surfaces without significantly changing the appearance of the concrete. Read more

Problem Clinic Tolerances For Slab-on-Grade Thickness

What are the thickness tolerances applicable to slabs on grade? Read more

Problem Clinic Using Gap-Graded Aggregate

What are gap-graded aggregates and how are they used in concrete construction? Read more

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