January 1994 Table of Contents

Features New Orleans' New Eye in the Sky

Built by Gibbs Construction Co., New Orleans, the 207-foot-high tower welcomes all travelers coming into New Orleans International Airport. Read more

Features Adjusting Slump in the Field

Rarely will a laboratory mix be entirely suitable under the variable field conditions facing a concrete contractor. Read more

Features Long-Strip Concrete Placement

Many contractors use long-strip construction as an efficient concrete placement method for slabs on grade. Read more

Features ACPA Names Operator Safety Award Winner

With more than 100 operators nominated to win the Operator Safety Award for concrete pump operators, it's easy to see why Jerry Brooke's chances of having his name selected as the winner were pretty slim. Read more

Features Building Features Curved Tilt-Up Panels

Ten curved tilt-up sandwich panels were used to construct a 300,000-square-foot apparel distribution center in Troy, Ohio. Read more

Features Identify Jobsite Safety Hazards Before OSHA Inspectors Do

OSHA provides free on-site consultation services to employers in all states who want help recognizing and correcting safety hazards at their workplaces. Read more

Features U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: New Orleans District

The New Orleans District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for flood protection and water resource development in a 30,000-square-mile area covering most of southern Louisiana. Read more

Features Thick Swampland No Obstacle for Louisiana Contractor

On first thought, building a 2-mile section of elevated, twin bridge interstate highway doesn't seem like an especially challenging project Read more

Problem Clinic Bushhammering

What is bushhammering and how is it used in concrete construction? Read more

Problem Clinic Vertical Pumping

How high can concrete be pumped vertically? Read more

Problem Clinic Ammonia Smell From Fresh Concrete

We had some complaints on a recent job about ammonia smells coming from concrete placed in a confined area. What causes this smell? Read more

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