June 1994 Table of Contents

Features Tips from Successful Finishing Contractors

Leading flatwork finishing contractors tell "Concrete Construction" what it takes to be successful in the business. Read more

Features Saw Cutting Concrete Flatwork

Saws for cutting concrete flatwork vary in size, blade type, operating speeds, cooling systems, and power source. Read more

Features Misunderstandings and Abuses in Flatwork Specifications

Most contractors see F-numbers in the majority of specifications written today and most have read articles and publications on the subject. Read more

Features A Hiring Test for Finishers

Hiring good finishers is key to a concrete contractor's success. Read more

Features Concrete Mixes for Interior Slabs on Grade

As experienced concrete floor contractors know, no single mix design is suitable for all jobs. Read more

Features Fancy Flatwork

Using dry-shake color hardeners and a variety of stamping tools, contractor Mike DeReu, San Marcos, Calif., transforms conventional concrete flatwork into eyecatching walkways that embellish any outdoor setting. Read more

Problem Clinic Hiring a Good Shotcrete Nozzleman

We always have a difficult time hiring good shotcrete nozzlemen. When interviewing nozzlemen, how can we screen those who can shoot well from those who can only talk about shooting? Read more

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