March 1994 Table of Contents

Features Beware of Protruding Rebar

According to a U.S. Department of Labor publication the problem of protruding steel rebar is one of the top physical hazards OSHA inspectors found on construction sites. Read more

Features Giant Wall Pour Requires Three Forming Systems

In October 1994, J.J. Henderson Construction Co., Gurnee, Ill., successfully completed one of its biggest challenges - a large monolithic wall pour requiring placement of 712 cubic yards of concrete in seven hours. Read more

Features 19th Century Kansas Comes of Age

When city officials in Topeka, Kan., approved construction of a Melan system reinforced concrete bridge in 1896, local papers said it was "the greatest invention in bridge-building science since the parabolic truss." Read more

Features Concrete Airport Pavements Make a Comeback

Although concrete pavement is not new to John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, or Newark International Airport, recent taxiway and apron paving projects have seen a dramatic increase in its use. Read more

Features Consolidating Concrete in Congested Areas

Some design requirements for concrete construction, such as seismic post-tensioning, can result in congested areas within the formwork that are difficult to consolidate. Read more

Features Using Slag to Enhance Concrete Performance

There are several features common to concretes made with fine grades of GGBF (ground granulated blast-furnace) slag. Read more

Features Concrete: Gateway's Most Valuable Player

In most cities, baseball fans only dream of a stadium where they can be closer to home plate than the pitcher. Read more

Problem Clinic Some Rust on Rebar Is Acceptable

The project inspector is requiring us to wire-brush mill scale and rust off all our rebar. Although the rebar has been at the site for a couple of weeks, we don't think the rust is that heavy or will interfere with the bond between the concrete and steel. Read more

Problem Clinic Unreasonable Floor Tolerance

We've been asked to provide a floor with a tolerance of 0.02 inch in 10 feet. Has anyone built a floor to this tolerance? Is it possible? Read more

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