May 1994 Table of Contents

Features Dressing for Safety

According to OSHA, an employer is responsible for ensuring the availability, proper use, and maintenance of personal protective equipment. But employees also have a responsibility to preserve their health and safety by wearing the clothing provided and using it correctly. Read more

Features Tips from Successful Paving Contractors

Concrete Construction asks leading concrete pavement contractors for tips on what it takes to be a successful paving contractor. Read more

Features Simplifying Slope Paving

On slope paving jobs, a slope paver, slope slipformer, or hydraulic roller screed can reduce labor requirements, increase production rates, and improve concrete uniformity. Read more

Features Measuring Pavement Profile

A key aspect to any quality concrete pavement is smoothness. To achieve the best possible quality, it is important to monitor pavement smoothness daily. Read more

Features Machines Behind the Slipformer

Finishing, texturing, and curing concrete immediately after slipforming keeps work moving on fast-track paving projects. Read more

Features Portable Generators Supply Power Where It's Needed

Portable generators power equipment and tools on jobsites where electricity is not yet available. Read more

Features Concrete Law: Ripping-out Work Ruled Economic Waste

In the case Granite Construction Co. vs. United States (1992), the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that when a contractor substantially - but not strictly - complies with a contract's specifications, the owner may not require replacement of the work if replacement would amount to economic waste. Read more

Features Detroit-Windsor Tunnel Gets a Face-Lift

One of the great engineering wonders of the world - the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel - was renovated for the first time in 1993 after 63 years of round-the-clock operation. Read more

Problem Clinic Does Polyethylene Sheeting Beneath Slabs Degrade?

Is there information available, such as research, case studies, and field experiences, that documents the long-term performance of polyethylene sheets used as vapor barriers beneath concrete slabs on grade? Currently, what little evidence I have indicates Read more

Problem Clinic Store Bull Floats Out of the Sun to Prevent Warping

What causes my bull floats to warp within a couple of months after purchasing? I buy magnesium floats with ribs to protect them from warping. I store the floats in the bed of my truck, leaning against the cab. Read more

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