November 1994 Table of Contents

Features Stripping Wall Forms Safely

A form system often used in the construction of walls is the premanufactured, reusable handset. Read more

Features Plastic Form Liners

Hundreds of ready-made patterns are available in manufactured plastic form liners, and thousands more can be custom-made for projects with unique needs. Read more

Features Shoring Basics

One of the contractor's many responsibilities is the design and construction of shoring systems, which support the formwork system and construction loads. Read more

Features Jump Forms Speed Erection of Airport Control Tower

An octagonal concrete shaft for a new control tower at O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, was erected quickly and efficiently using a jump-forming system both for exterior and interior wall construction. Read more

Features Coping with Formwork Specifications

Drawings and specification are the fundamental tools designers use to communicate their intentions to prospective builders. Read more

Features Metrics Are Coming!

The U.S. Federal Government has decided that it will switch to a metric-based system of weights and measures. Read more

Problem Clinic Lateral Pressures on One-Sided Wall Forms

When designing one-sided wall forms, what lateral pressures should I use? Read more

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