October 1994 Table of Contents

Features Get Ready for the New Fall-Protection Standard

OSHA has released its new fall-protection standards. Read more

Features Deck Forms for Girder Bridges

When contractors plan bridge deck forms, they must carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the available forming systems and materials. Read more

Features Setting Screed Rails for Bridge Deck Paving

Bridge deck paving machines are set on top of and travel forward along screed rails during concrete placement. Read more

Features Making Concrete Bridges Beautiful

"A weak bridge is admittedly more dangerous than an ugly one, but to seek strength at the lowest cost with no regard for appearance is only one degree worse than it would be to attempt a beautiful design without thought of stability." Read more

Features Portable Heaters for the Jobsite

The arrival of cold weather needn't halt concrete construction. Read more

Problem Clinic Relationship Between Seven- and 28-Day Strengths

Before placing the concrete for the last pier of a drilled-pier foundation job, the foreman decided to add water to the ready mix truck. The inspector didn't like the looks of the watered-down concrete and took test cylinders that represented that one pie Read more

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