September 1994 Table of Contents

Features Excavation Safety for the Concrete Contractor

To ensure that conditions are safe, companies should carefully evaluate their employees to find those capable and responsible enough to be an OSHA competent person. Read more

Features Concrete Canoes Make a Big Splash in New Orleans

Students from the United States and Canada converged upon New Orleans, June 23-26, 1994, for the Seventh Annual American Society of Civil Engineers National Concrete Canoe Competition. Read more

Features Concrete Fencing

Residential concrete fencing is versatile, durable, and maintenance free - the ideal addition to any home. Read more

Features Residential Tilt-Up in Colorado

Energy-efficient concrete tilt-up homes are making news in Pueblo, Colo., where Castle Construction Co. is using insulated concrete sandwich panels to build two different home designs. Read more

Features Updating Design Building Codes for Basement-Wall Construction

Current prescriptive design tables used for most residential concrete basement walls are based on the presumption that the soil used for backfill does not have a lateral pressure greater than 30 psff (pounds per square foot of wall surface per vertical foot of wall). Read more

Features Leaving a Lasting Impression

Stamped and colored concrete mimics what it is not. The goal is to simulate natural stone, real brick, or glazed tile as closely as possible. Read more

Problem Clinic Effect of Salt on Nonreinforced Concrete

I understand the effects chlorides have on reinforcing steel in concrete. What effects, if any, do chlorides have on plain, nonreinforced concrete, which is typically used in sidewalks and driveways? Read more

Problem Clinic Cleaning Concrete Discolored From Blast-Furnace Slag

We heard that the greenish blue discoloration often found on concrete containing slag can be removed with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Our experience suggests that this treatment may lead to scaling of early-age concrete. We found dilute solutions of Read more

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