August 1995 Table of Contents

Features Warranties for Concrete Driveways

In 1991, a group of concrete contractors and ready mix producers in Kansas City, Mo., began to offer warranties on concrete driveways as a value-added product to homeowners. The group named its product "Blue Ribbon Driveways" and stood behind its materials and workmanship with a five-year limited warranty. The success of the warranty concept in this and other individual local programs has led to a national Blue Ribbon Driveway program. Started in 1994, the program encourages residential concrete contractors to use a potent marketing tool: warranties for driveways. Those who have embraced the program speak enthus- iastically about the positive effect it has on quality and profits. Read more

Features Waterproofing Options for Concrete Foundations

There are many below-grade waterproofing products on the market. Most manufacturers require you to become a certified applicator before they will guarantee an installation. Different products have very different characteristics, so only specialty water- proofing contractors should try working with multiple products: Read more

Features Bending Rebar on the Job

On some jobs, contractors rely on portable, on-site bending equipment - rather than a supply of factory-bent steel - to ensure they will have the exact quantities of bent rebar required. A variety of power and manual rebar benders is available - ranging from hand-held tools to wheel-mounted machines. Many benders are also equipped with cutting blades, allowing operators to shear rebar of various sizes. Read more

Features How to Build Concrete Homes Using Foam Forms

Stay-in-place foam forms have been accepted as a quick, easy, and efficient way to construct residential foundation walls. Now these systems are quickly catching on as an efficient way to construct entire homes, from footing to eave. In one step, the contractor can form concrete and provide insulation with R-values much higher than conventional concrete walls. Other advantages of these systems when compared to conventional forming methods include faster wall erection (forms are easy to erect and do not require stripping), and better concrete curing and a longer construction season (the foam insulates the concrete). Read more

Problem Clinic What's a Burnished Slab?

I recently read a specification that required a "burnished" slab. I'm not familiar with this slab type. Do you know what the spec is asking for? Read more

Problem Clinic Coating a Floor That Contains Fiber Reinforcementuxrqqcrsxeybwdzwucufxsrfqxwttece

We plan to apply a coating to an industrial floor that contains fiber reinforcement. We acid etched the floor, but after the treatment was completed, fibers were sticking out of the surface. Before we apply the coating, how can we remove the fibers so the Read more

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