December 1995 Table of Contents

Features When to Protect Fresh Concrete from Freezing

The current project that I am bidding has a cold-weather clause in the specifications, which requires heating materials and protecting concrete from freezing during freezing or near-freezing weather. Read more

Features Don't Brush Off Broom Finishing

For most exterior flatwork jobs, final finishing involves applying texture to the concrete surface with a finishing broom. When properly done, brooming is a quick, easy way to achieve an attractive non-slip surface. Most driveways, sidewalks, and patios require a broomed finish. Choosing the right broom for each job and knowing how to use and maintain this finishing tool can help ensure customer satisfaction. Read more

Features Guidelines for Bracing Tilt-Up Walls

The primary purpose for the temporary bracing of tilt-up concrete wall panels is to help them resist lateral wind forces. In addition to stabilizing panels in gusty winds, braces may also be needed to support tilt-up panels subbject to other lateral forces, such as backfilling or the accidental impact of moving construction equipment. Read more

Features Smooth Paving for ACPA Award Winners

Cooperation and excellence are key to achieving outstanding results in concrete paving, as demonstrated by the 1995 winners and runners-up in the sixth annual National Awards Program for Excellence in Concrete Pavement. The winners in each category are: Read more

Problem Clinic Differences between Wet, Moist, and Damp Subgrades

On different occasions, I've been told to wet, moisten, or dampen the subgrade prior to concrete placement. What is the difference between wet, moist, and damp as it pertains to the subgrade? Read more

Problem Clinic When to Saw Control Joints

We are having trouble with slabs cracking before we saw the control joints. Our procedure is to place the concrete slab, then come back the next morning to saw the joints. Before we start sawing, there are already some cracks in the slab. However, it's to Read more

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