March 1995 Table of Contents

Features Designing and Building Durable Parking Structures

Typically an open structure, a concrete parking garage is exposed to more extreme temperature variations and other harmful conditions than other structures. Many garages in Northern regions experience deterioration problems caused by corrosion of reinforcement, freezing and thawing, cracking, and water penetration. Delaminations and spalling of slab-top surfaces, water leakage through joints and cracks, rust stains, and concrete spalls on slab bottoms, beams, and other underlying concrete elements are all common symptoms of concrete parking garage deterioration. Read more

Problem Clinic Finishing Steel-Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

Are special techniques needed to finish steel-fiber-reinforced concrete to prevent fibers from protruding from the surface? Read more

Problem Clinic R-Value of Concrete

What is the R-value of a typical 8-inch-thick, cast-in-place, residential basement wall? Read more

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