August 1996 Table of Contents

Problem Clinic Make Sure Construction Joints Line Up

When a concrete wall is built on a concrete base slab and both are designed with construction joints that include a waterstop, shouldn't the joints match up? Read more

Problem Clinic Clear Sealer Peels Off

What would cause a well-applied, good-quality clear sealer to peel off a concrete slab in thin sheets? Read more

Problem Clinic Isolation Joint Depth

Do isolation joints need to be cut completely through a slab? For instance, will a 2-inch-deep cut allow vertical movement in a 5-inch-thick slab? Read more

Problem Clinic What Is Type I-II Cement?

When a Type I-II cement is specified, does it mean you use one cement that's a compromise between the two types, or does it mean the concrete supplier has the option of using either a Type I or a Type II cement? Read more

Problem Clinic Standard Method for Detecting Delaminated Concrete?

We've read about using chain drags or striking concrete surfaces with a hammer to detect delaminations. Is there a standard procedure for using either of these methods? Read more

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