January 1996 Table of Contents

Features Using the F-Number System to Manage Floor Installations

Since its adoption by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) in 1990, the F-number system has become the preferred method for controlling floor surface tolerances on most construction sites. Read more

Features A Look at Liquid Floor Hardeners

A dilemma sometimes faced by concrete floor contractors and owners is what to do about a recently installed or existing industrial floor that has a weakened surface. Read more

Features Flatness Tolerances for Random-Traffic Floors

Proper methods of setting and measuring concrete floor construction tolerances are important to owners, vehicle manufacturers, and designers, as well as to floor contractors. When these groups have a realistic understanding of floor tolerances, they can specify flatness in the most cost-effective way. Read more

Features Choosing Construction Estimating Software

To produce successful estimates, many contractors now rely on construction estimating software tailored to their specialties. Read more

Features Creating an Artistic Concrete Intersection

The artistic process of coloring concrete was showcased in Denver in the spring of 1995, as the city installed a unique multicolored concrete intersection to demonstrate the environmental advantages of concrete pavements. Read more

Features Dear Customer: You're Fired

Under what circumstances would you decide to "fire" a customer or client? Let's face it. Your relationship with any customer is valuable only to the extent that your mutual needs are met. Read more

Features Fixed-Form Paving: a Lost Art

Despite the speed and ease of slipform paving, there are still many applications where fixed paving forms may be more practical and cost-effective. Read more

Features Las Vegas Bites into the Big Apple

A joint venture between MGM Grand Inc. and Primadonna Resorts Inc., the $350 million New York-New York Hotel & Casino is being built to bring the best of New York to Las Vegas and to set a new standard for teamed hotel-casino projects. Read more

Problem Clinic Readers Solutions to "What Caused Dark Patches on Tilt-Up Panels?"

As a materials engineer, I am trying to discover the cause of discoloration. Read more

Problem Clinic Can Changes in Fine Aggregate Affect Concrete Finishability?

My finishers are really happy with the concrete mix we have been using lately. The mix has enough paste to allow the workers to easily produce a smooth, flat surface. However, even though the ready mix supplier says that he is sending us the same mix for Read more

Problem Clinic Can Concrete Be Rejected After One Slump Test?

On my last project, the inspector rejected a concrete truckload if one slump test failed to meet the specifications. On previous jobs, I've had inspectors take two slump tests before rejecting the concrete. Which method is right, and is there a reference Read more

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