July 1996 Table of Contents

Features Mixing, Placing, and Finishing Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

Adding steel or synthetic fibers to concrete at low-volume dosage rates provides benefits not available in conventional concrete. Read more

Features Using Admixtures to Improve Chemical Resistance of Concrete

If concrete will be exposed to aggressive chemicals in a natural or an industrial environment, what role can admixtures play in improving concrete performance? Admixtures significantly improve performance for some, but not all, exposures. Read more

Features New Admixture Combats Concrete Shrinkage

By its nature, concrete tends to shrink and ultimately crack as it dries. But a new liquid admixture, introduced to the North American market in March 1996, is the first of its kind available to ready mix producers and contractors for chemically altering the basic mechanism of shrinkage without adding expansive materials to the concrete. Read more

Features Fast Field Tests for Concrete

Some new and updated testing devices measure fresh concrete properties quickly enough to let quality-control personnel rapidly detect changes in the concrete. Read more

Features St. Francis de Sales Church

Designed by well-known New York architect Marcel Breuer, St. Francis de Sales Church in Muskegon, Michigan is an inspirational structure that fully demonstrates the architectural potential of cast-in-place concrete construction. Read more

Features Transverse Cracking in Recycled Concrete Aggregate Pavements

In the early 1980s, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) reconstructed several interstate highways using recycled concrete aggregate (RCA). Although most of the RCA pavements performed acceptably, MDOT observed that some of the pavements deteriorated more rapidly than they should have. Read more

Problem Clinic Removing Excess Bond Breaker From Tilt-Up Panels

I saw your Problem Clinic regarding too much bond breaker being used on tilt-up panels (January 1996, pp. 76-82). We have this problem on a job. Do you know how to get the bond breaker off the panels so they can be successfully painted? Read more

Problem Clinic How Often Should Fresh Concrete Be Tested?

What's a reasonable frequency for testing fresh concrete? Read more

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