May 1997 Table of Contents

Features Raising the Rio

Thanks to two high-speed cranes, design-build contractor Marnell Corrao Associates was able to erect one floor of Las Vegas' Rio Suites Hotel every four days. The last bucket of concrete was placed in November 1996, a year after Marnell Corrao broke ground. Read more

Features Choosing a Concrete Conveyor

Article presents three case studies to illustrate how conveyors--used alone or in combination with other placement methods--can be profitable because they place concrete continuously and are able to transport materials other than concrete. The projects involved: Read more

Features Versatile Attachments for Material-Transport Equipment

With the right attachment, a skid-steer loader can perform excavation work, an excavator can demolish concrete, and backhoe-loaders and forklifts can do many things in between. The attachments featured in this roundup should be particularly useful to concrete contractors. They include a funneling chute, concrete mixer, wheel saw, earth auger, material-handling arm, pulverizer, slab lifter, soil compactor and four different concrete-dispensing buckets. Read more

Features Track Every Tool

Are your company's tool-replacement costs getting out of hand? Then consider tracking your tools' whereabouts using a computerized bar-coding system. A tracking system manufactured by ToolWatch Corp., Denver, has only five standard components and is simple to use. After tagging each item in your inventory with a manufacturer-supplied laminate bar-code label, use the portable pen to scan the tools as they're distributed to employees or loaded onto trucks. With each swipe of the pen's bar-code scanner, you'll collect critical information, including the tool's location, the employee to whom the tool is assigned, and the date and time of the assignment. Read more

Features Should You Buy a Boom Pump?

Because a concrete boom pump can be a $300,000 to $1 million equipment investment, you need to weigh your options carefully before you buy. Should you buy a pump to improve your efficiency and get more work? Should you consider starting a separate pumping division to hedge your bet by creating a new revenue stream? Or should you use an established pumper's services and forget about using your own pump? Read more

Problem Clinic What Is Muriatic Acid?

We see many references recommending dilution ratios for muriatic acid that's used for efflorescence removal, acid etching, and other surface preparation applications. The references imply that there's a standard muriatic-acid solution, but our constructio Read more

Problem Clinic Does Concrete Expand?

I attended a seminar at which a speaker said that concrete doesn't expand. I told him I've always read that concrete expands when the temperature rises or when the moisture content increases. The speaker held his ground, however, and said that concrete do Read more

Problem Clinic Cause for Slow Setting

I'm a pattern-stamping contractor in Louisiana and last winter I had a problem with slow setting and excessive bleeding of a concrete slab. The weather was unusually cold here, with air temperatures around 45 F. The cementitious material was 20% fly ash, Read more

Problem Clinic Standards for Bollard Construction

Our company does commercial work that often requires us to construct bollards, which are simply 4- or 6-inch-diameter steel pipes filled with concrete. Read more

Problem Clinic How to Build Concrete Counter Tops

I've heard that it's possible to use concrete in making kitchen and bathroom counter tops. Do you know where I can get information on how they're built? Read more

Problem Clinic Making a New Bridge Capture an Old Look

We need to replace two arch bridges in a local park. One is a three-span structure with a 70-foot center span flanked by two 56-foot spans. The smaller bridge is a single 35-foot span. Read more

Problem Clinic Yield Problems and Waste Allowance

We delivered concrete to a poured wall contractor building residential foundations in a subdivision. Read more

Problem Clinic Fire Endurance of Limestone Aggregate Concrete

Does limestone aggregate give better fire resistance than other aggregates? Read more

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