April 1998 Table of Contents

Features Preparing Your Paver

If you're a concrete paving contractor, it's important to get your slipform paver in top shape for the busy summer construction season. Not only will a well-maintained machine be more productive, it can help you avoid costly downtimes. Read more

Features Placers on Parade

A placer/spreader can be a valuable part of a paving train. This article describes the features and capabilities of several different models with paving widths ranging from 12 to 44 feet. Read more

Features Beware of Unrestrained Expansion

Expansion of concrete pavements with small-radii curves can create radial forces large enough to move houses, according to the author, a consulting professional engineer who has seen this phenomenon many times. The situation can occur when summer temperatures expand a curved concrete pavement more than enough to close the contraction joints. The resulting radial force tends to move the pavement and any objects abutting it at the outside of the curve. These objects can be curbs, driveways and even houses at the opposite ends of the driveways. Pictured is a dramatic example of a slab-on-grade house with a very wide diagonal crack through the kitchen floor. The crack was actually created by expansion of the street outside the home, which produced enough force to push the driveway against the garage floor and the garage floor against the slab. Read more

Features Concrete Lands Big Savings

When officials at Moody Air Force Base, near Valdosta, Ga., decided to rehabilitate and extend a runway used for heavy cargo planes, they specified concrete pavement and used some innovative strategies to reduce construction time. In addition to saving time, rehabilitating the runway saved the Air Force more than $4 million over the cost of rebuilding the runway completely. Read more

Features Top 10 Tilt-Up Projects of 1998

Tilt-up concrete construction is making an impact worldwide, as illustrated by the 10 notable structures profiled in this article. All the projects—from a middle school in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., to an office/warehouse/training center in Buenos Aires, Argentina—are winners of the 1998 Tilt-Up Achievement awards, sponsored by the Tilt-Up Concrete Association. The projects were completed between Sept. 1, 1996, and Sept. 1, 1997. Read more

Features Slipforming a Slot Drain

Slipforming of an extruded linear slot drain along one of the busiest sections of the M25 highway in Surrey, England allows road widening within existing boundaries Read more

Products Solving Problems Tilt-Up Walls Help Retailer Expand

To build new stores quickly and meet its expansion goals in the northern United States, The Home Depot needed an alternative construction method for building well-insulated retail outlets in colder climates. Read more

Problem Clinic Visual Examination for Frost Damage?

Is there any way to determine from a visual examination if my concrete foundation, which is curing now at temperatures ranging from 15° to 30°F, has been damaged by these freezing temperatures? Read more

Problem Clinic Does Controlled-Permeability Formwork Hinder Curing?

We recently heard about "controlled-permeability formwork," which drains water away from the surface of freshly placed concrete, improving surface appearance and reducing the lateral pressure of the concrete against the form. Read more

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