April 1999 Table of Contents

Features Pumping for Productivity

Many contractors prefer pumping to crane-and-bucket placement of concrete because it's faster and can reduce labor costs. Read more

Features For Pasta Al Dente, It's Concrete Presto

In 1998, when the world's largest pasta maker, Barilla, started to build its first plant in the United States in Ames, Iowa, rapid construction was essential since Barilla was losing more than $1 million in import costs each month. Read more

Features Cost-Effective Forming

W.A. Jennings, founder of form manufacturer EFCO, said more than 64 years ago: "It's not the initial cost of equipment that counts, but the initial cost plus the cost of using." That statement underlies the methods EFCO has developed for comparing the cost-effectiveness of various forming systems. Read more

Features Permanent Footing Forms Slash Construction Time

Forming footings with lumber and installing a drainage system are time-consuming chores for foundation contractors. Read more

Features Bonding Basics

By nature, construction is a risky business. An economic downturn, labor difficulties, material shortages, equipment problems, and a host of other problems can cause a contractor's business to fail—leaving projects at a standstill. That's why an increasing number of owners are requiring surety bonds from their contractors. Read more

Features Can Coatings Protect Wastewater Treatment Systems?

Over the past 15 years, manufacturers have developed numerous high-solids, fast-curing coating systems they claim will resist sulfuric acid in sewers and wastewater treatment plants. Read more

Products Solving Problems Kits Simplify Gang-Form Construction

In response to the severe shortage of skilled carpenters, form manufacturer Gates & Sons Inc., Denver, has developed a new product: precut, predrilled form components that can be assembled on the jobsite by relatively unskilled workers. Read more

Problem Clinic HDO- Versus MDO-Coated Form Panels

We know that overlaid plywood forming panels have greater dimensional stability and smoother, more durable forming surfaces than nonoverlaid panels. But what factors should we consider when choosing between medium-density overlaid (MDO) and high-density o Read more

Problem Clinic Foundation Settlement Problems

We are a small residential contractor in southern Arkansas, building slab-on-grade monolithic foundations reinforced with steel and welded wire fabric. During the past couple of years we started having trouble with slab settlement and cracks in the concre Read more

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