August 1999 Table of Contents

Features Building a Tower for the Millennium

With an overall height of 667 feet, the Millennium Tower will usher in the turn of the century as Austria's tallest building. Read more

Features The Other Side of Slipforming

What do curved retaining walls and stadium risers have in common? They're just two of the unique applications contractors have found for using slipforming technology. Read more

Features Let It Crack

When an elevated concrete slab is to be cast on a steel deck, what are the most effective measures architects, engineers, and contractors can take to control cracking? This is an unresolved issue for many builders. Read more

Features Cracking Down on Repair Materials

Prepackaged concrete repair materials come with data sheets listing the material's performance in a variety of lab tests, which presumably attest to the material's quality. Read more

Features Breaking It Up with Backhoe Loaders

Contractors who routinely replace driveways, parking lots, or other pavements often say their backhoe loader is indispensable. Read more

Features Choose Your Chipping Hammer

Day in and day out, concrete repair contractors perform the tough task of removing weak or damaged concrete with a very tough tool: the hand-held pneumatic chipping hammer. Read more

Features New Developments in Shotcrete

Since its introduction to the construction industry in the 1950s, shotcreting has grown into an important and widely used concrete placement technique, and advances in materials, equipment, and procedures continue to expand its applications. Read more

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