February 1999 Table of Contents

Features Forming Concrete Parking Structures Efficiently

For more than 20 years, builders of parking structures have predominantly used all-steel forming systems, which are mechanically set, stripped and moved. Read more

Features Renovation Adds Space and Value to Parking Garage

Until the summer of 1997, the two-story attached parking garage of Park Place Tower, a residential high-rise in Chicago, contained only 600 parking stalls for the residents of the tower's 900 deluxe apartments. Read more

Features Beware of Troweling Air-Entrained Concrete Floors

Non-air-entrained concrete with a moisture content near saturation is susceptible to surface scaling caused by freeze-thaw cycles. Read more

Features 20 Rules for Arbitrating Effectively

Due to the high cost of litigation and its tendency to drag on, contractors are showing an increased interest in using arbitration to resolve disputes, especially those involving smaller settlements. Read more

Features Concrete Construction in the West Indies

Imagine trying to build a large concrete structure without the use of modern equipment and skilled labor. This is exactly the situation that confronts contractors in the West Indies every day, says the author, who describes his experiences overseeing the construction of a large reinforced-concrete house on the tiny island of Mustique, situated within the country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the West Indies. Read more

Features Vault Repair Provides Insights Into Effective Polyurethane Grouting

In the fall of 1997, officials at the airfield at Ft. Campbell, KY., faced a problem concerning the disposal of water contaminated with jet fuel. Read more

Features Post-Tensioning Primer

More than 1.5 billion square feet of unbonded post-tensioned structures have been built in the United States since the mid-1960s. Read more

Products Solving Problems Tilt-Up Panels Feel the Heat

On a tilt-up concrete job involving the construction of a 550,000-square-foot office building and warehouse in Tilton, N.H., contractor Clayco Construction, St. Louis, was required to place the tilt-up wall panels during the coldest time of year—November Read more

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