October 1999 Table of Contents

Features Choices in Corrosion-Resistant Rebar

Because corrosion of reinforcement can result in concrete cracking, staining, spalling and costly repairs, corrosion-resistant reinforcement often is the obvious choice for concrete structures exposed to high chloride levels. Read more

Features The Fiber Factor

After placing, vibrating, and finishing concrete for a bridge deck, contractors sometimes notice cracks forming directly over the top-mat rebar. Read more

Features Low-VOC Coatings Now Required

The next time you buy a drum of cure-and-seal, you may be getting a product quite different from the same brand you've used previously. Read more

Features Concrete Flatwork, Post-Modern Style

Like colored taffy, strips of the interior concrete floor of Milwaukee's new Midwest Express Convention Center slip under the windows of the building's exterior facade and pass to the outside, where they roll through the gray concrete sidewalk and curl to form flamboyant bus-stop shelters or benches. Read more

Features Coming Clean on Power Washing

The most effective way to clean dirt and stains from concrete without damaging its surface is power washing. Most power-washing equipment is simple to use and cleaning procedures are pretty straightforward. Read more

Problem Clinic How Many Thermocouples Are Needed to Measure Internal Temperature?

I am required to monitor the differences between interior and exterior concrete temperatures on a mass concrete placement. How many thermometers, or thermocouples, are needed to get a reliable measure of the internal temperatures? Read more

Problem Clinic Straightening Bent Rebar

When rebar have been bent but then aren't used, is it permissible to straighten them in the field for use as straight bars in reinforced concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Effects of Too Much Air

Specifications for entrained-air content always include a minimum and maximum limit. I know that too little air reduces concrete's resistance to damage caused by freeze-thaw cycles and deicers. But if the air content exceeds the maximum by a percent or tw Read more

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