September 1999 Table of Contents

Features Defining the Concrete Market

The U.S. Census Bureau projects the value of construction put in place in 1999 will slightly exceed $700 billion. What share of that number does concrete work command? And what is the size of the different market segments? Read more

Features Stone' Walls Cast in Concrete

How do you satisfy a customer who wants an elegant, durable screening wall that's also low-maintenance and reasonable in price? Read more

Features Retractable Roof to Ride on Concrete

Miller Park, soon to be the new home of the Milwaukee Brewers, will feature retractable roof sections that unfold, like the petals of a fan, on tracks set atop a 1,050-foot-long curved concrete beam system. Read more

Features Contractors' Guide to Form-Release Agents

Form-release agents or form oils cost but a small fraction of the cost of the formwork itself, but they have a big influence on the quality and success of the concrete surface. Read more

Features Sealing Effects of Finishing Tools

For more than 50 years, concrete finishers have been warned about the dangers of using tools or methods that densify and seal the concrete surface before bleeding has stopped. Read more

Features Conquering the Basement from Hell

Few contractors would take on a large, elaborate foundation project requiring corner angles of 90, 135, 142, and 153 degrees and wall thicknesses of 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 34 inches. Read more

Features Bond Security

For optimum performance, repair materials or coatings must form a strong bond with the concrete substrate. But how can you accurately measure this bond strength in the field? Read more

Features Smooth Moves

Surface voids, such as bug holes, form-tie holes, and honeycomb, are a fact of life in cast-in-place concrete construction. Depending on project specifications, they may need to be repaired. Read more

Problem Clinic Lateral Form Pressures at High Placement Rates

How do you calculate form pressures if the rate of placement for walls will exceed 10 feet per hour or the lift height for columns will exceed 18 feet? Read more

Problem Clinic Deflection Tolerances for Composite Slabs

In ACI 117-90, "Standard Specifications for Tolerances for Concrete Construction and Materials," what are the tolerances for deflections of concrete slabs placed on metal decking supported by structural steel frames? My client has a problem with excessive Read more

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