April 2000 Table of Contents

Features Keeping Laser Controls Accurate

More and more concrete contractors are using lasers to control their construction equipment. By helping machines trench, level, cut, or fill more accurately, laser-leveling systems can eliminate traditional control methods such as hubs, blue tops, stringlines, and spot checking. Read more

Features A New Look at Water, Slump, and Shrinkage

Owners and engineers increasingly demand low-shrinkage concrete to reduce the number of cracks, crack width, and curling. Some engineers even specify shrinkage limits for submittals of concrete proportions. Read more

Features Employee Pay: How Much Is Enough?

There is little argument that the amount we pay our employees is important. What ignites an argument among contractors is just how much to pay. Read more

Features Troubleshooting: Rust Staining

Rust staining on a concrete surface may be an early indication of potentially serious corrosion problems, or it may simply be an aesthetics problem resulting from construction or post-construction processes. Read more

Features Versatile Conveyors

Truck-mounted or self-propelled conveyors permit fast, accurate, and efficient material handling at the jobsite, reducing labor requirements while freeing up cranes, skidsteers, and tractor or wheel loaders for other work. Read more

Features Innovation Speeds Massive Floor Pour

Despite a local shortage of concrete, Haws & Tingle General Contractors succeeded in placing a massive 110,000-square-foot warehouse floor in a continuous 22-hour pour. Just 14 workers with one laser screed were able to place up to 180 yards of concrete per hour. Read more

Features Testing Fresh Concrete: At Point of Placement or End of Chute?

A complex issue that often arises on a concrete construction project is where to test the fresh concrete--at the point of discharge or the point of placement? And who is responsible for ensuring that the as-placed concrete meets specification requirements? Read more

Problem Clinic Help Finding Tool

About 10 years ago we bought a corner-set tool that eliminated the need for batter boards during excavation. It consists of a main aluminum body that attaches to a metal stake. Read more

Problem Clinic Productivity Benefits of Flowing Concrete

Are there any published results of studies showing that superplasticized high-slump concrete increases jobsite productivity? Read more

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