June 2000 Table of Contents

Features Finishing Touch

Many tilt-up contractors are discovering that they can save time and money, in addition to increasing the architectural options they can offer customers, by applying an exterior insulation finish system (EIFS) to the exterior of concrete tilt-up panels. Read more

Features Slab Thickness Tolerances: Are They Realistic?

It isn't standard practice to core slabs as a means of measuring thickness for acceptance testing. However, when cores are taken for another reason, slab thickness can become an issue if the core length indicates that the thickness is less than the design value. Read more

Features Troubleshooting: Fins and Offsets

Fins and offsets are abrupt irregularities that often appear on formed concrete surfaces. They can be caused by damaged, displaced, mismatched, or misplaced forms and liners. Read more

Features Making Foundation Forms Last

Concrete forms typically are a foundation contractor's most valuable equipment investment. They form the backbone of virtually every concrete pour, whether large or small. Read more

Features Strong Medicine

Inadequate design and construction, reinforcing-steel corrosion, change of use, and deterioration due to a variety of environmental effects all create a need for structural strengthening of concrete. Read more

Features The Cost of Waiting

In bidding a job, concrete contractors have to estimate the duration of each concrete placement, which requires estimating the concrete's setting time. When cold weather, admixtures, or other factors delay setting and increase the time finishers must wait, the contractor starts losing money. But how much money? Read more

Decorative Concrete Preparing Surfaces for Stampable Overlays

Stampable, polymer-modified overlay systems are a cost-effective way to dress up existing concrete surfaces that are worn, discolored, pockmarked, or cracked. Read more

Problem Clinic Placing Concrete on Frozen Subbase

I have to place an 8-inch structural slab on top of piles and grade beams around the slab perimeter. The weather is cold, and the ground is frozen. Is there a problem with placing slab concrete on top of the frozen subbase? Read more

Problem Clinic Decorative Overlay Over Exposed Aggregate?

I have a client who wants to place a thin polymer-modified cementitious overlay over a 20-year-old exposed-aggregate pool deck. The concrete contractor originally finished the deck by seeding select aggregate into the fresh concrete and then removing the Read more

Problem Clinic Correlating Compressive and Flexural Strength

I've heard about an equation that allows you to get a fairly decent prediction of concrete flexural strength based on compressive strength. Is there such an equation, and, if so, how can I get a copy? Read more

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