March 2000 Table of Contents

Features Decorative Explosion

In exterior or interior applications, cast-in-place concrete can now reproduce the look of slate, cobblestone, brick, tile, limestone, travertine, polished marble, and even wood. Read more

Features Buy or Rent?

When deciding whether to buy or rent equipment, good records can help you accurately estimate hourly rates for ownership, which you can then compare to the hourly rental costs. Read more

Features Preparing for Liftoff

Come the year 2001, the first Delta IV rocket, the first major redesign in U.S. rockets in 20 years, will take off from Cape Canaveral's new Launch Complex 37b. The new unmanned rocket will burn cleaner, cost less, have fewer parts, and generate more thrust than its predecessors. It also will be the first on Florida's Space Coast to be assembled horizontally and then raised vertically onto the concrete launch structure. Read more

Features Insulating Concrete with Polystyrene Foam

Builders enhance the energy efficiency of concrete structures by adding insulation--sometimes as a single layer on the face of the concrete and sometimes sandwiched in the center of a tilt-up panel or cast-in-place wall. Read more

Features Calcium Chloride: Limit Use in Residential Foundation Walls?

Chloride-induced corrosion of reinforcing steel can cause cracking and spalling in the cover concrete because the volume of the corrosion products is many times the volume of the original metal. Read more

Features Troubleshooting: Exposed Reinforcing Steel

Reinforcing steel that's visible on the concrete surface may occur in any type of reinforced-concrete structure. The exposed reinforcing steel may result from deterioration within the concrete or from errors during construction. Read more

Features The Three A's

Quality work does not guarantee quality service. Just because your work may be superior to that of other concrete contractors in your area doesn't mean you provide the same level of quality on the service side. Read more

Decorative Concrete Stencil-Finished Concrete

Developed more than 10 years ago, stencils offer decorative-concrete contractors more options than ever for producing attractive yet economical color and texture combinations. Read more

Problem Clinic Long-Term Curling

We finished pouring slabs for a 500,000-square-foot warehouse in June 1998. Technicians got excellent F-numbers when they measured each slab pour for flatness and levelness. Read more

Problem Clinic When to Start Curing Decorative Concrete

When is the proper time to start curing decorative concrete that's textured using mats or skins and colored with a dry-shake hardener and release agent? Some people say curing should begin immediately, but whenever we try to use impermeable coverings, suc Read more

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