August 2001 Table of Contents

Features Radial Cracks Around Columns

Cracks in supported concrete slabs are usually the result of normal and expected behavior of a reinforced concrete structure due to shrinkage and deflection. Read more

Features Yes You Can ... Find the Right Employee!

This article discusses techniques that contractors find effective to find good workers. It also looks at some more creative avenues, such as Internet postings, local contacts, job fairs, and signing bonuses. Read more

Features Gap Grading: A Serious Problem for Industrial Floors?

Ed Finkel of Edward B. Finkel Associates of Berkley Heights, N.J. and Gary Herron, technical services director for Redi-Mix, LP, of Carrollton, Texas, explain how they were able to work together with a stringent specification for aggregate grading and minimum water content. Read more

Features Contractors to Watch

Concrete Construction has spoken with five successful concrete contractors and found that successful contractors are, indeed, all alike: they have enthusiasm for the work, they respect their customers and employees, and they aren't worried about sharing the keys to success. Read more

Features Reinforcement Supports and Ties

Commonly called "rod busters" or "ironworkers," workers who place reinforcing steel have one of the most physically demanding jobs in the industry. Read more

Features At Home in Concrete

"I felt it would be a lot of fun to design and build a cast-in-place reinforced concrete house, so I sketched out this little bungalow on the brow of a hill," says Harold Ashton, founder and CEO of The Ashton Company, Tucson, Ariz. He took his drawing to Tucson architect Diana Kuhel Osborne, who developed the design. Nestled in the foothills north of Tucson, the surrounding desert both complements and contrasts with the home. All walls, columns, and the roof are made of reinforced concrete. The exposed-aggregate concrete of the walls is repeated in exterior landscape dividers and retaining walls, and the turquoise-colored overhanging fascia adds a bright note. Read more

Decorative Concrete Sprayable Texture Overlays

Sprayable overlays are inexpensive and can be applied to damaged concrete that is still structurally sound. Today more than 50 manufacturers produce sprayable polymer-cement materials, which perform equally well in freeze/thaw or hot climates. Read more

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