July 2002 Table of Contents

Features Training for Everyone

The opportunities for education and training in our industry today are endless. And the need for continuing education is critical as our industry continues to grow and as construction becomes more complex. Read more

Feature The 2002 CC100

"What doesn't destroy me makes me stronger" could be the nation's slogan for 2001, and that's also an appropriate description of the concrete construction industry's year. It was indeed a challenging year—as is the first half of 2002. Still, many contractors found ways to make their businesses grow—even dramatically—while some saw significant declines in revenue. The 2002 CC100, our list of the nation's top concrete contractors, tells an interesting and encouraging story. Read more

Decorative Concrete Stamping Concrete: Managing Initial Set Times

Every time concrete contractors imprint concrete with patterns and textures there is a potential for problems in achieving uniform-depth impressions and surface textures. Overcoming these problems takes experience and careful planning—and having a little luck from time to time. One technique for solving uniformity problems in your stamping program is "step retardation." Read more

Problem Clinic Specifications for Steps

For a school, I recently poured radius stairs with six risers and five treads with an arc length of about 25 feet at the bottom. Mostly due to an icing problem, the architect and the city condemned the stairs, claiming that there were unacceptable tread w Read more

Problem Clinic Vented Metal Deck

We have installed a metal deck for a roof system on which the engineer has specified a lightweight concrete composite system. We have installed a vented metal decking, but the engineer has requested that solid metal decking be used. With lightweight concr Read more

Problem Clinic Bug Holes on Sloped Surface

We are having a problem with bug holes on a 45-degree sloped formed surface. We have tried everything we can think of to try to cut down on the immense amount of finishing work that we are doing. Read more

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