November 2002 Table of Contents

Features Custom Forms Speed Viaduct Repair

Running down the center of Queens Boulevard for nearly a mile, the Flushing Viaduct carries the Flushing Line through Long Island City, N.Y. Built in the early 1900s as a series of arches, the 128 columns were in need of structural rehabilitation, although the New York City Transit Authority insisted on maintaining the shape, texture, and extensive architectural detail of the original construction. Read more

Features Acid Stain Makes a Big Splash in a Nightclub

We were contracted to install a custom acid-stained floor for a new nightclub in a downtown Colorado Springs building. The scope of work included pouring a 6000-square-foot, lightweight slab on deck. Read more

Features Rebuilding Chicago's Upper and Lower Wacker Drive

In 1909 Daniel Burnham and Edward Bennett produced a long-range plan for the development of Chicago, which included Wacker Drive, a two-level street alongside the Chicago River circling approximately two-thirds of the Loop. Read more

Features Concrete Repair Case Studies

Repair specialists describe how to strengthen a shear wall, protect post-tensioning tendons, and color-match a patch. Read more

Features Pump Pays Back Contractor in More Ways Than One

Concrete contractors often look for the least expensive way to install their product. Often this means placing concrete directly from the ready-mix truck. Read more

Residential Concrete Cost-Effective Concrete Floors

Suddenly, whoever wants to install a short-span concrete floor deck has several good choices. Read more

Decorative Concrete Exposed Aggregate Patterning

Exposed-aggregate concrete is an old technique, but there have been a few creative changes over the past several years. Read more

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