October 2002 Table of Contents

Features Problems with Concrete in Cold Weather?

To address the challenges, we must first drill down to the root cause of cold weather concreting problems. Read more

Features Finishers and Skaters Meet the Challenge at Glen Miller Park

Not often do you hear “This stuff rocks, man!” when the “stuff” is concrete! But wild curves and thrilling rides can be found at the skate bowl in Glen Miller Park thanks to a demanding design and concrete craftsmanship. Read more

Features Contractors to Watch

A look at three contractors who have grown despite the weak economy: Tom Ralston of Ralston Concrete, Boulder Creek, Calif.; Lee Clark of Garber Brothers Precision Concrete, Greenville, Ohio; and Bob Willcox of Solid Foundations of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. Read more

Features Imported Formwork Innovations

In the past 10 years, European engineering has produced efficient, simple-to-use formwork. Although these systems are considerably more expensive (as much as three times the cost of conventional formwork), contractors have found savings in labor and a remarkable increase in production. Read more

Features Pressure on Wall and Column Forms

Who makes the rules for form design? The American Concrete Institute (ACI) Committee 347, Formwork for Concrete, is generally regarded as the standards-setting authority in the United States—not only for vertical formwork but also for deck forms, shoring, and reshoring. Read more

Features Steps to Placing a Superflat Floor

Superflat floors are not your typical concrete floors. ACI’s "Guide for Floor and Slab Construction," ACI 302.1R-96, defines a superflat floor (Class 9) as one with Fmin number greater than 100. Read more

Decorative Concrete Stamping Patterns in Concrete

In the late 1940s, Bradford Bowman began exploring ways to stamp patterns in fresh concrete to simulate brick, stone, and quarry tile. Now, more than 50 years after Bowman’s invention, the largest segment of the flourishing decorative concrete industry is stamping patterns and textures in concrete. Read more

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