December 2003 Table of Contents

Features I-70 Rehab, Clark County, Ill.

One of Illinois’ largest reconstruction projects was completed in October 2002. The 10-mile stretch of Interstate 70 from the Indiana state line west into Illinois was the first segment of a 21-mile, $135 million job. Read more

Features ACPA Awards 2003

American Concrete Pavement Association chooses its winning pavement projects. Read more

Features Rehabilitation for Our Nation's Bridges

According to the Federal Highway Administration’s National Bridge Inventory (NBI), 591,061 bridges in the United States are over 20 feet long. Of this total, 360,446 (61%) are constructed of aluminum or other materials. Currently 29% of the concrete bridges and 55% of the steel bridges need repair, and 81,543 bridges are obsolete and need to be replaced. Read more

Features World of Concrete 2004

Although hundreds of great things are going on throughout the World of Concrete in February, the following three events will enhance your show experience. Read more

Decorative Concrete Working with Self-Leveling Overlays

The use of cement-based overlays is increasing dramatically. There is little down time for users, and a wide range of finished looks is available. Read more

Problem Clinic Concrete Finishing Requirements

Do you have anyone on staff to provide a clarification on what is required by ACI 301-99 where a contract specification requires a smooth form finish in accordance with ACI 301? Is rubbing required per ACI 301, paragraph Reading paragraphs 5.3.3. Read more

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