July 2003 Table of Contents

Features Stanford's Center for Cancer Treatment and Prevention

Construction on one of the nation's most comprehensive treatment facilities, Stanford's state-of-the-art Center for Cancer Treatment and Prevention, will bring all of Stanford's resources for diagnosing and treating cancer under one roof. All of the concrete work, including the foundation and the linear accelerator vaults, amounted to about 18,000 cubic yards. Read more

Features Tilting It Up

Modern tilt-up construction consists of lifting concrete panels that have been cast on the building’s floor slab or on nearby casting slabs. Although tilt-up panels can be made much bigger than precast panels that are to be transported to the site, the larger and more complex panels are more challenging to lift and place. Read more

Features Training for Everyone

For the second year we are providing a list of associations, manufacturers, and businesses that offer training opportunities for the concrete construction industry. Technology, products, and installation techniques are changing rapidly. So here’s the information you need to proceed with your continuing education. Read more

Features Raising the Bar

The newest power rebar tools are making the life of the rodbuster, and anyone who has to configure and place concrete reinforcing steel, safer and much less taxing. Read more

Features Diamond Saw Cut Patterning

It's possible to completely change the character of a plain concrete slab or of decorative concrete by cutting curved or straight lines into the concrete surface with diamond saw blades. These cuts can be "borders and infills," grid patterns that resemble hand-grooved joints, or they can be images and graphics cut into concrete surfaces. Read more

Features Upward Profit Potential

Using removable concrete forming systems, builders don’t have to stop placing concrete at the ground level. Concrete contractors are now forming and placing concrete exterior and interior walls, and sometimes ceilings or "decks" for homes, apartments, and townhouses. Read more

Problem Clinic Is It the Slab's Fault?

A flooring contractor has experienced problems on four occasions over the years with his two-part polyurethane floor covering not bonding to our concrete slab-on-grade. He has said that the acid-etch process prior to installing the covering did not react Read more

Contractors to Watch BBP Concrete, Graf Concrete, and The Kaufman Co.

Concrete Construction recognizes three contractors who have found different (but similar) pathways to success through education, innovation, and relationships. Featured are Gary Burleson's BBP Concrete, Tom Graf's Graf Concrete, and Steve and Marc Kaufman's The Kaufman Co. Read more

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