June 2003 Table of Contents

Features Post-Tensioned Concrete Comes of Age

By the early 1990s the mystery of P-T subsided with further refinements to the tensioning process, the development of more corrosion-resistant anchorages, and the widespread dissemination of design software. Read more

Features Unique, Creative Solutions are the Norm In This Specialty.

We think of things dubbed "industrial" as being more powerful and more durable. And when it comes to concrete for industrial applications, that is often the case. Read more

Decorative Concrete Hand-Carved Rockwork

There are many ways to build artificial rockwork, but the first method probably involved hand-carving shapes in concrete or cement plaster placed on a three-dimensional rebar-and-lath frame. Read more

Concrete Basics Tall Tilt-Up: Pinal County Superior Courthouse, Florence, Arizona

The new four-story Pinal County courthouse was originally designed to have cast-in-place elevator/stair cores, but in the interest of saving both money and time, D.L. Withers, the general contractor, accepted Riggs’ proposal to expedite the project by using 80- to 87-foot-high tilt-up panels. Read more

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