November 2003 Table of Contents

Features The Mesa Arts Center, Arizona

Coordinating the construction of seven public facilities on one compact site is beyond challenging. The Mesa Arts Center in Arizona demands high-quality finishes in its many concrete features. Most of its floors will be of exposed concrete, some ground and polished to expose the aggregate. Other rooms will have stained concrete floors. Read more

Features Extreme Crack Repair

Concrete cracks because it can resist tension only about 1/10 as well as it can resist compression. But the concrete often finds itself in tension as well as compression. This typically happens when the concrete bends, such as in a beam or floor slab, and when it shrinks as it dries. Anyone in the field knows this and uses many different methods to help concrete elements resist tension. Read more

Features Five Guys Pointing in a Circle

Seldom in this business do we take the time to talk about the issues that are critical. New ideas in how to deliver our product or manage our businesses can be adopted or rejected without a thorough vetting. That’s why Concrete Construction brought together thought leaders in the concrete industry to lay some issues on the table and see where the chips would fall. Join us as we look at the trends and issues that are creating and defining the concrete industry today. Read more

Features Masonry or Tilt-Up?

Constant innovation has driven the success of tilt-up construction. Currently a lot of the industry’s ingenuity is focused on improving aesthetics. As tilt-up seeks to enter new markets, more refined and architecturally appealing finishes are critical. Now a new product, the Chameleon Cast Wall System, provides a whole different palette of looks bound to help continue the march into high-end applications. Read more

Features Battery Battle

Cordless tools do more and do it better every year. Their gearing becomes more efficient, materials get lighter and stronger, and ergonomics improve. But engineers know that ergonomics are window dressing compared with performance, and they continually focus on ways to improve battery life and power. Read more

Problem Clinic Maximum Size of Framed Pour

I am a structural engineer in New York. We generally restrict pour size to 60 feet by 60 feet. The contractor is asking for written documentation, such as from ACI, CRSI or a similar agency, to support this limitation. Do you know any reference to this po Read more

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