October 2003 Table of Contents

Features Munson Serves Up a Winning Tennis Court

"We take pride in offering a variety of tennis court surfaces," says Fred Kolkmann, tennis and track division manager for Munson, a Glendale, Wis.-based contractor. "When the owners contacted us about building a durable, low-maintenance, and crack-resistant court, a post-tensioned concrete court provided the ideal solution." Read more

Features Building with Tunnel Forms

Consider "The Paramount at Buckhead in Atlanta." At 44 stories, it's the tallest residential structure ever constructed using tunnel forms and is the third tunnel form project for the building's owner, The Hanover Company, Houston, which required that tunnel forms be used. Read more

Features What Makes a Good Pump Operator?

Operating a concrete pump is a demanding job, both physically and mentally. But for some people it is one of the most satisfying jobs in the construction industry. Read more

Features Maintaining Proper Elevation

Everyone who has ever set forms and placed concrete for a large building knows the difficulty of maintaining the correct finish floor elevation and the potential for error in transferring benchmarks across the site. Read more

Decorative Concrete Diagnosing Problems with Decorative Concrete

Often decorative concrete has the same problems as "plain concrete." Adding color, chemical stain, or other treatments is like putting a filter over the lens of a camera—the results appear different but any problems remain. In decorative concrete, real problems are usually under the surface, consequently more difficult to diagnose. Sometimes damage in the decorative process suggests underlying causes. Even consultants familiar with problems of plain concrete can be confused by decorative problems. Read more

Problem Clinic Dark Slippery Areas on Slab

I have two projects that have developed darkened and slippery sections on the floor slab surface. One project is 12 months old and the second is 2 years. When certain environmental conditions appear, moisture condenses on the surface and tends to turn int Read more

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