September 2003 Table of Contents

Features Keeping Out the Noise: Georgia International Convention Center, Atlanta

In a single day, Saturday, June 1, 2002, the elevated concrete pour for the entire exhibit hall roof of the Georgia International Convention Center (GICC) was successfully completed. Read more

Features The Zakim, Bunker Hill Bridge

The largest visible part of the "Big Dig" project in Boston, is the new cable-stayed bridge, crossing the Charles River. Named for Lenny Zakim, a local, beloved civil rights leader, and the nearby Bunker Hill Monument, which commemorates a Revolutionary War battle, the bridge incorporates elements of the monument in its design. Read more

Features Viaduc de Millau

Every August, highways in the south of France are clogged with vacationers. One particularly busy area, near the town of Millau, about 120 km west of Avignon, is about to get a spectacular new bridge that is expected to cut travel times by as much as 2 hours. Read more

Features Raising the Bar on the 'Mighty Mon'

With the Port of Pittsburgh looking to double its output over the next 50 years, maintaining and upgrading waterway transportation is vital. The structure known as "Locks and Dam 2," on the Monongahela River in Braddock, Pa., is one of nine navigation structures that provide year-round navigation for 19 million tons of freight between Pittsburgh and Fairmont, W.Va. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is replacing three lock-and-dam structures with two significantly upgraded $750 million structures. Read more

Features Tilt-Up Concrete Construction

How much influence does the contractor have on the materials incorporated into a tilt-up panel? Whether you stick with the specification for materials or suggest alternatives, here are some tips on the decisions you might have to make. Read more

Features Reaching for the Heart in Marketing

In construction, the challenge is to take something emotionless and cold (to some), like concrete products or installations, and make it personal. To connect personally you should have your fingers on the pulse of everyday life while remembering that people must get the message at a glance. Read more

Problem Clinic Pea Gravel Mix

I'm trying to find some information regarding using a mix that has only 3/8-inch coarse aggregate for a residential slab on grade in a pumpable mix as opposed to using a mix with No. 57 coarse aggregate. I am concerned about shrinkage and cracking. Read more

Problem Clinic Chlorides in Soil

Is there any research data about the levels of chlorides (salts) in soil that will cause damage to concrete and rebar? Read more

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