August 2004 Table of Contents

Features Moving Innovations

Some new equipment is taking a lot of the pain out of moving materials on the jobsite. A big part of what concrete contractors do involves material handling—excavating soil, laying base course, placing concrete, and removing old or excess concrete. Your typical jobsite has a flurry of skidsteers, pumps, buggies, and even wheelbarrows. Making handling easier is bound to increase productivity and save your workers’ backs. Read more

Decorative Concrete Decorative Concrete in Mexico

Decorative concrete is becoming more popular throughout Mexico. Starting in the early 1990s both large and small construction companies became more interested, looking for decorative product information and training as they won contracts—some of them huge. Read more

Problem Clinic Calibration and Certification

Do you have to be certified to calibrate equipment used for air pressure in concrete? Read more

Problem Clinic Defining "Transportation Unit"

ASTM's ready-mixed concrete specification says, “air content of air-entrained concrete when sampled from the transportation unit at the point of discharge” is to be within 1.5% of the specified value. Can you clarify what is meant by the transportation un Read more

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