September 2004 Table of Contents

Features Some Truths and Fantasy About Chloride De-icing Chemicals

Our experience is that a one-year waiting period is not needed for concrete that is well made, well finished, of adequate strength, has undergone a short period of air drying, and has an effective air-void system. Concrete that does not meet these criteria is always vulnerable to scaling when it becomes saturated and freezes. De-icing chemicals increase that vulnerability and may lead to scaling in concrete that might otherwise have performed acceptably despite being marginally air-entrained or having surface defects caused by improper finishing. Read more

Features Material Selection Guide: Picking Post-Tensioning

The contractor selects a post-tensioning company based on its qualifications, application, and location. The company chosen must provide detailed installation drawings, fabricate the post-tensioning tendons, and deliver all of the components necessary for a complete system to the jobsite. Read more

Features Mega Projects

The article shows the important role concrete plays in different big construction projects. Read more

Residential Concrete The Daugherty Residence, Henderson, Nev.

Those who assume that tilt-up construction is unappealing and boring may be surprised to see this custom residence made of tilt-up concrete panels. Read more

Decorative Concrete Using Liquid Hardeners to Enhance the Diamond Polishing Process

Many, or perhaps most, companies who diamond polish concrete use silicate hardening products to help them produce better looking surfaces. Several generic materials may be used for this purpose: sodium, potassium, and lithium silicates, and magnesium fluorosilicates. In addition, a number of proprietary silicate/siliconates are being sold. Manufacturers may add wetting agents and other substances (including acid) to their silicate products. Read more

Problem Clinic Building Up a Curb Wall

Late last fall I poured an 18-inch monolithic foundation for a new garage, 20 feet by 36 feet with a 4-inch by 6-inch curb wall. I used a six-bag limestone mix with NYCON in it and have now decided that I would like a higher curb wall, adding about anothe Read more

Problem Clinic Covering Created Efflorescence

I hired a contractor to install a colored concrete patio at my home. He installed it on a 40° F day with a forecast for possible freezing temperatures that night, so I asked him to cover the slab to protect it from freezing. He feared greater damage to th Read more

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