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Editorial Comment Who's the best?

I love hardware stores. All the little bins full of nuts and bolts and nails, the crusty old guy behind the counter, even the smell. I can spend hours wandering the aisles, buying tools I don't really need and stuff for projects that may never come to fruition. But like everything else, that has changed—a true hardware store is difficult to find these days. They seem to have evolved into half hardware/half kitchen & bath stores or into the mega stores. Certainly the big home improvement stores have some advantages, but personal attention and construction knowledge are not their strong points. Read more

News & Events News and Events News & Events

News & Events for April 2005 Read more

World of Concrete Back in Vegas and Stronger than Ever

World of Concrete returned to Las Vegas January 17–21, 2005, attracting more than 73,000 construction professionals from over 111 countries, Thousands of new products, ideas, and technologies from 1597 exhibitors confirmed WOC's role as the leading industry provider of concrete, masonry, and technology solutions. This year's show set several milestones including the second largest number of buyers and exhibits in the history of World of Concrete. Read more

NDT with GPR Features NDT with GPR

Ron Mundro has come across his share of challenges in the more than 20 years he has spent with Roughneck Concrete Drilling & Sawing Company, Morton Grove, Ill. The company's crews have for nearly a half century carefully cut and threaded core holes through concrete laced with rebar, pipe, and conduit. Until recently, skill and experience were the cutters' best hopes for not hitting hidden objects, and for dealing with them when they did. Read more

The Business of Concrete Contracting Productivity

Our clients often ask, “How can I get my construction crews to be more productive?” That simple, straightforward, and important question rarely has a simple solution. Read more

Reader Response Editorial Comment Followup

We received lots of calls and e-mails in response to my February Editorial Comment. The following are typical of what contractors had to say.—WDP Read more

Hime & Erlin On Concrete Famous Last Words

This report was related to cracked 6-inch-thick slabs with saw-cut joints spaced at 24 feet. The cracks formed polygonal patterns on 2- to 4-foot spacings because of unaccommodated drying shrinkage. Cracks occurred below each saw-cut joint so the joints had functioned as designed, but still the polygonal cracking was to be expected. Joint spacings should have been at 12 to 18 feet. The 24-foot spacing was too large to accommodate normal drying shrinkage. Read more

Decorative Concrete HunterLab MiniScan XE Plus

MiniScan XE Plus Read more

Veron Granite-Coat System

The Granite-Coat system provides attractive finishes that simulate the elegant look of natural granite and terrazzo on patios, garage floors, and other surfaces. Read more

Working Out Mix Designs for Decorative Concrete Decorative Concrete Working Out Mix Designs for Decorative Concrete

As a decorative concrete contractor, you can obtain mix designs that can help you deal with weather extremes—hot or cold, wind and humidity—that can lead to surface crusting or affect set times. You should design these mixes with the help of your ready-mix producer and keep them up-to-date to produce the results you need so you will have several mixes to use as the need arises. Read more

Julio A. Hallack Artistry in Decorative Concrete Julio A. Hallack

Hallack created a labyrinth design that mimicked one from the Chartres Cathedral in Paris during the 12th century. Read more

Mark Haen Artistry in Decorative Concrete Mark Haen

Haen's specialty is working with polymer cement coatings and epoxy finishes. Read more

Ake Grunditz Artistry in Decorative Concrete Ake Grunditz

This artist's specialty is carving intricate patterns and details in overlay cement. Read more

Cary Grant Artistry in Decorative Concrete Cary Grant

Cary and Julie Grant own a company that specializes in patterned cut concrete graphics that are colored with chemical stains. Read more

Lee Gamble Artistry in Decorative Concrete Lee Gamble

Gamble's inspiration for this work came from Japanese books about kimono patterns. Read more

Brain Vicari Artistry in Decorative Concrete Brain Vicari

Vicari used circles and intersecting arcs to create a simple design, which he highlighted with color. Read more

Shellie Rigsby Decorative Concrete Shellie Rigsby

igsby's ambitious demo used a wide variety of materials and equipment. The project included adhesive stencils, images copied onto adhesive-backed paper plastic templates with ornate designs cut in, liquid resist applied through templates, chemical stains, powdered pigments, garden fertilizer, coffee grounds, and thin overlay cements. Read more

Buddy Rhodes Artistry in Decorative Concrete Buddy Rhodes

Working with Heriberto Esquivel, his foreman and principal trainer, Rhodes demonstrated his precast “hand pressed” concrete countertop technique—a process he is known for. Read more

Steve Ochs Decorative Concrete Steve Ochs

Ochs teaches art at Southern Arkansas University and over the past couple years has come to view concrete as an artistic medium. Read more

Al Mahairi Artistry in Decorative Concrete Al Mahairi

Hannelore Dean and Al Mahairi are partners who worked together at the Artistry Demo. Read more

Mathew Newman Artistry in Decorative Concrete Mathew Newman

Newman's overlay demo started with a ¼-inch-thick self-leveling, tan-colored overlay cement. Using a tinted liquid release, he then textured the entire surface with a textured mat and stamped a border around the perimeter of his work with a grapevine pattern. Read more

Greg Demmert Artistry in Decorative Concrete Greg Demmert

Two presenters and a designer were involved in this demo. An artist, Vickie Jackson, Oklahoma City, designed the work, and Doug Bannister, The Stamp Store, Oklahoma City, installed the decorative materials during the concrete placement. Read more

Artistry in Concrete 2005 Artistry in Decorative Concrete Artistry in Concrete 2005

More than 14,000 people visited and revisited the Artistry in Concrete demo at the 2005 World of Concrete (WOC) in Las Vegas—twice the number that visited the demos at the 2004 World of Concrete. About half of the people who attended the event came back to see the progress—two visitors came back nine times! Read more

Vexcon Chemicals Starseal and Ceri-Vex Products Vexcon Chemicals Starseal and Ceri-Vex

The water-based Starseal and solvent-based Ceri-Vex cure and seals use breathable technology that allows moisture vapor to pass though instead of becoming trapped. Read more

Making and Curing Concrete Cylinders Concrete Basics Making and Curing Concrete Cylinders

Pity the poor concrete test cylinder. All it does is lie around for 28 days then get crushed. During its brief life, it seems only fair that we treat it well. How often have you seen concrete test cylinders sitting in the sun or rolling around in the back of a pickup truck? Those poor abused cylinders could end up costing you money, since they can easily break at 15% lower than those that are treated well. Even though the cylinders may not be your responsibility technically, it's to your advantage to make sure they are treated right. Read more

Australian "Pigging" Debut Products Solving Problems Australian "Pigging" Debut

Western Australian concrete contractor, G & N Conform, is completing the concrete work on two major high-rise projects in Perth. Read more

Problem Clinic Removing an Oil Stain

I am going to glue some fiber reinforced polymer on a concrete beam, but I'm concerned that some oil spilled on the beam may prevent the epoxy glue from adhering well. How can I remove oil that has been spilled on the concrete? Read more

Lampasona Concrete Construction Contractor to Watch Lampasona Concrete Construction

My partner is my cousin, PJ. He and I started in this business about 1984—I was 12 years old. Read more

Other Articles
Product Update More complicated than it looks

Dry shake floor hardeners provide a denser, more abrasion-resistant surface to a concrete slab. By adding metallic oxide pigments, the contractor gets a harder and colored surface in one application. But while the concept seems simple enough, the science Read more

Problem Clinic Problem Clinic: Overlay Tips

I would like to specify an architectural concrete topping of about 2 inches on a 30-year-old concrete bleacher/gallery structure. I have been told I should use a bonding agent, a water reducer to prevent cracking and a higher than normal compressive strength. What would be an appropriate strength to specify? Should I also specify slump? What about the water-cement ratio? Read more

Project of the Month Project of the Month

In creating the murals for the SanTomas Aquino/Saratoga Creek Trail, Linda Patterson spent extensive time researching, observing, sketching, and designing a story wall that would interpret and complement the natural environment. Read more

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