August 2005 Table of Contents

Editorial Comment A Many-headed Monster

“Fire in the hole,” said our guide into his two-way radio—and a huge section of rock exploded into a cloud of dust and flying boulders. From our vantage point 500 yards away, we felt the concussion jolt our bus. No, this wasn't Iraq, but a Kansas City rock quarry—the first stop on the Concrete Home Builders Council tour. Read more

Features Send Me a Proposal!

For today's savvy owners or members of a design team, a firm handshake or a number scribbled on a napkin no longer suffices as a proposal. Today, beyond building relationships, you have to assemble a document that conveys your expertise, experience, and professionalism in a custom manner for each project. Read more

Wet Curing Concrete Floors Features Wet Curing Concrete Floors

After 18 years as a structural engineer, I have worked on numerous slab-on-grade projects and used traditional wet-cure methods. Most of these techniques, particularly synthetic curing blankets, were time-intensive, expensive, and they sometimes left discolored areas on the slab. Read more

Precooling Mass Concrete Features Precooling Mass Concrete

Many new concrete structures are designed to include long spans and carry heavy loads. The sizes of the necessary components—drilled shafts, foundations, footings, and columns—often push the envelope of standard construction practices. Read more

Working with Gang Forms Features Working with Gang Forms

Huge sections of form work complete with scaffolding dangle from a crane cable. Workers on the ground swing the form sections into position, guided by guy ropes, then by hand. Brent Byford, assistant project manager for Walsh Construction, Chicago, supervises as the gang forms are plumbed, then braced, for a retaining wall on a highway project on Chicago's west side. Read more

The Business of Concrete Contracting Post-project Reviews

To improve performance over time, a contractor must continually learn from the past. One of the most important ways is through post-project reviews. The focus of a post-project review is to improve the construction process and build teamwork on future projects. Read more

Reader Response Shrinking Concrete

Dr. Hover's article regarding shrinkage in concrete was very well written. I will be able to use many of his points in my company's ongoing training on the causes and control of shrinkage cracking. It will also be very helpful in supporting the explanation that I give to my clients regarding the necessity of proper crack control. Read more

Reader Response Self-climbing Formwork

In the article “New York Rises with Concrete” (June 2005), there was a discussion of a self-rising gang form system used to construct the reinforced concrete core at 7 World Trade Center. Read more

News & Events CEO Forum

The American Society of Concrete Contractors' CEO Forum 2005 was held June 23–25 at The American Club, Kohler, Wisc. Concrete Construction and Concrete International magazines are partners with ASCC in this venture. Read more

News & Events CSDA Resource Guide and Directory

The Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association recently released its 2005–2006 Sawing & Drilling Resource Guide and Membership Directory. Read more

News & Events David Hamilton, Speaker at the First Annual Tilt-Up Convention

David Hamilton has been added to the list of speakers at the first annual convention hosted by the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) to be held Oct. 12-15 in Atlanta. Read more

News & Events Simonson Says Construction is in a Holding Pattern

The Associated General Contractors of America's (AGC's) chief economist Ken Simonson said the nonresidential construction industry appears to be in a holding pattern based on May Census Bureau figures on construction showing a gradual decline over the three months since February, particularly for private residential building. Read more

News & Events House Approves FY 2006 Transportation Funding

The House of Representatives JL passed its Transportation, Treasury, HUD, the Judiciary and District of Columbia FY 2006 appropriations measure. Read more

Some Things About the Strength of Concrete Hime & Erlin On Concrete Some Things About the Strength of Concrete

Back about 50 years ago there were some common “rules of thumb” about concrete. One was that 3-day strengths were about two-thirds of 7-day strengths, and 7-day strengths were about two-thirds of 28-day strengths. Read more

Forming for Decorative Concrete Decorative Concrete Forming for Decorative Concrete

One obstacle to the wider use of decorative concrete is cost: it's simply more expensive than plain concrete. Owners, therefore, naturally conclude they are getting a higher quality product. Read more

Products MAPEI Corp. Terratop Terrazzo

Terratop Terrazzo is a decorative cement terrazzo surface that is a fraction of the cost, thickness, and weight of standard installations. Read more

Products Monarch Stone Inc. Yorkstone Flags

Yorkstone flags reproduce the look and feel of the original stone found in the Yorkshire hills of England. Read more

Products Boulder Image Techstone System

The Techstone system for commercial and residential applications offers customized designs in a variety of textures and colors. Read more

Climbing Jump Forms Products Solving Problems Climbing Jump Forms

Several recent projects display how MEVA's KLK climbing system and Imperial (inch-foot) sized forms contribute to efficient concrete construction. Read more

Precooling Mass Concrete Problem Clinic Precooling Mass Concrete

Many new concrete structures are designed to include long spans and carry heavy loads. The sizes of the necessary components—drilled shafts, foundations, footings, and columns—often push the envelope of standard construction practices. A greater emphasis Read more

Problem Clinic Copper Concerns

We're working for a contractor who wants us to place a concrete pad, which will be a floor for a new home, on a base of crushed limestone. He's also planning to have copper water pipes coming up through the floor. Should we be concerned about a chemical r Read more

Problem Clinic Controlling Set Times

Is there a chemical or mineral that I can add to a concrete mix to stop it from hardening? I need to transport the concrete a long distance from the ready-mix plant to the jobsite. Read more

Problem Clinic Acid Resistance

We're pouring a new concrete slab in a ready-mix truck wash bay where we sometimes will be using muriatic acid to wash down the trucks. What coating or sealer would provide good acid resistance? Read more

Dave Weber Concrete Contractor to Watch Dave Weber Concrete

The first job I had was with my ex-father-in-law. I was about 16, and we did a little bit of everything. Then I moved and started doing commercial work through the union. Read more

Other Articles
Product Update Vibrators on the Jobsite

Good consolidation makes good concrete. How you get it is another thing. Read more

Project of the Month The University of Michigan Football Stadium—2005 Concrete Repairs

The University of Michigan Stadium, the largest college-owned football stadium in the United States, seats 107,501. The recent repair of approximately 20% of the stadium's capacity was intended to replace deteriorating seating. The repair was completed by Spence Brothers, Saginaw, Mich., at the end of July. Read more

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