February 2005 Table of Contents

Editorial Comment Working for free

Most of us in the concrete business really enjoy it—the material is fascinating, the design and construction keep advancing, and we have great pride in the finished product. But few would voluntarily do the work for free. A recent article in Read more

Paving with Roller Compacted Concrete Features Paving with Roller Compacted Concrete

RCC was first developed as a paving material in 1976. Some Canadian builders had the idea of doubling the amount of cement in a soil cement mix to stabilize the surface at a log sorting yard. They got much more than they had expected—it was strong and durable, and it went down quickly and easily. Read more

Color and Texture Variation in Slabs on Ground Features Color and Texture Variation in Slabs on Ground

Owners, specifiers, architects, and engineers need to understand that the surface of even the best slab on ground will not be perfect. Read more

Constructing a Mat Slab Features Constructing a Mat Slab

After 56 years, the coal-fired power plant was worn out and obsolete. Corn Products International, Westchester, Ill., built the boilers and generators in late 1948 to provide steam and electricity for its manufacturing plant in Bedford Park, Ill. To replace this resource, Corn Products is now building a state-of-the-art power plant that will burn high-sulfur Illinois coal and meet all current emissions requirements. Read more

The Business of Concrete Contracting Is Your Marketing Creating Value?

In last month's column, we introduced the seven core elements of value and the importance of measuring performance in each area. Tracking performance in each of the core elements allows management to determine where value is created and where it is destroyed. Read more

Letters: Grain Elevators Reader Response Letters: Grain Elevators

In what year were the first concrete grain elevators constructed? Read more

News & Events News & Events

This year, the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) will celebrate a milestone —its diamond anniversary. Founded in 1930, NRMCA continues to be a leading advocate working to expand, improve, and promote the industry through leadership, education, and partnering. Read more

Hime & Erlin On Concrete Why Arnold Palmer Prefers Golfing Over Sailing

We thought that you might like a slight diversion from our usual column directly related to concrete. So here is a little background information about our favorite sports. Read more

Products Decorative Concrete Products

The Advanced Countertop Design Training and Certification Program is an intensive 5-day program in which award-winning designer and author Fu-Tung Cheng shares his design concepts and trade secrets for creating concrete countertops. Read more

Constructing My Own Concrete Countertop Decorative Concrete Constructing My Own Concrete Countertop

I was hired by Hanley Wood as a senior editor, because I had been a concrete contractor for many years, had experienced many of the problems and challenges affecting concrete, and had learned hands-on the skills of placing and finishing concrete. Read more

Joints In Slabs Concrete Basics Joints In Slabs

A concrete slab on grade or floor is going to crack. There are some exceptions to that rule when heroic measures are taken, like post tensioning or shrinkage-compensating concrete, but most slabs are going to crack. Read more

Problem Clinic Basement Wall Cracks

How much shrinkage and cracking are acceptable in a poured concrete basement wall? Read more

Problem Clinic Ready for Block Walls

Is there a standard waiting time between pouring a slab foundation for a house and putting up the block walls? Is it too soon to start the walls the next day? Read more

Problem Clinic Small Concrete Bridges

I am developing strategies for growing the market share of small concrete bridges, such as bridges for farms, the forestry industry, footbridges, minor roads, and so on. What are some of the areas where the design, constructability, and economics of these Read more

Problem Clinic Driving Piles Near New Concrete

How many days should we wait before beginning to drive piling near a newly placed concrete retaining wall? Read more

L.L. Geans Construction Co. Contractor to Watch L.L. Geans Construction Co.

I enjoy working with other people in this industry and through my work with the American Society of Concrete Contractors I have developed friendships all over the United States. Those relationships are very important to me. I know I can pick up the phone and call any one of them if I need advice. Read more

Other Articles
Product Update Jobsite Utilities: Lights and Generators

The Maxi-Lite 15330 and 20330 portable light towers are designed with 15- and 20-kilowatt AVR-regulated generators that deliver enough energy for work trailers, pumps, additional lighting or other jobsite equipment. Read more

Project of the Month The Rock Creek Bridge, Mendicino County, Calif.

Along Highway 101, one of the most scenic routes in Northern California, the obsolete, high-maintenance bridge over Rock Creek was due for an upgrade. Read more

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